Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tire Pressure and Bridle Rash

So I had a very interesting morning which started at 6:40am when I went out to the garage to check the air pressure in my tires. Why you ask? Because I am 100%, completely paranoid about not having enough air in my tires and when I was driving home from Spartanburg yesterday my car felt kind of "wobbly" or at the very least "wonky and not right" and I always tend to attribute that to air pressure. Plus, I drive on radials which have a tendency to look "flat" even though they really aren't.

Of course, last time my car felt "wobbly/wonky" my tires were indeed low - in fact 1 tire only had 10 psi (they are supposed to have 40). Amazing I made it home from Greenville that day without a blow out.

Anyways, after that incident, in order to take control of my paranoia, I got a quick lesson on how to use a tire gauge. So I went to the garage this morning and checked the 2 tires that looked low and what do you know - they were both at 20 psi. Given that I just had them filled about 4 1/2 weeks ago, that was an indication to me that they both had a slow leak.

So I hopped in the car and drove up to the tire place in Maiden, assuming they would be open at 7am. They weren't and after waiting for 10 minutes I drove into town and found myself at Griffin Tire. They took me at 7:22 (even though they didn't open until 7:30) and Terry accompanied me to my car where he checked my tires with my gauge. Oops - apparently I didn't press the gauge quite hard enough and in fact all of my tires were over 32 psi. So much for low tires and slow leaks. Still - after listening to Terry's sales pitch, I am considering switching to nitrogen in my tires because the smaller molecules make for much less contraction and expansion and therefore less leakage.

Then, I got home and went to let Dixie out and noticed a big raw sore on her nose. I panicked because I didn't know how she got it or if it hurt or it was infected or anything and so I ran into the house and woke up Marty who sleepily but calmly told me that it was probably a little irritation from the bridle and to put some Vaseline on it and not to worry. I did and then called Carl for a second opinion because even though I am Country, I am also neurotic.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...