Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Live for Lifetime

So a shout out to the genius folks responsible for programming at Lifetime. I find myself tuning into Channel 27 more and more these days and the stuff they are promoting looks fab!

I was so excited for Poison Ivy IV: The Secret Society although I wondered how it could possible compare to the dreamy drama of the original Poison Ivy: Drew Barrymore - so evil, Sara Gilbert - so glum, Cheryl Ladd - so frail and Tom Skerrit so paternal. Of course, I may never now because PI4 aired on LMN - a channel I don't get BY CHOICE. Well - sort of. The package that includes LMN also includes SoapNet and I CANNOT under ANY circumstance subscribe to SoapNet otherwise I will sit around all day and watch 90210 and Melrose reruns (yes I am soon to be 33) and if I intend to have any sort of a life whatsoever I need to not be hooked on the teen soaps of my youth. Of course, I am terribly excited for the new 90210 and found myself looking online at the cast photos posted on Yahoo recently. All I can say is that I am so glad they found a reason to put Rob Estes back on TV (I've loved him ever since Silk Stalkings although one has to wonder what ever happened to Mitzi Kapture?) and Kelly Taylor is no Mrs. Teasley. Anyways, I have not seen PI4 yet but I keep hoping it moves from LMN to Lifetime eventually so I can relish in it.

Then there's the Fab 5 about some Texas cheerleading scandal. Seriously - how many cheerleading scandals can they have in Texas? I remember the one from ages ago where the mom of one girl who didn't make a squad tried to kill another girl who did and HBO made a movie starring Holly Hunter and it was highly entertaining. Nonetheless, the previews for this seem to be highly entertaining as well and so it's all set to Tivo this weekend.

Then the other day I caught sight of a new preview for a movie coming in September starring Shirley MacLaine as Coco Chanel. SHIRLEY MACLAINE AS COCO CHANEL PEOPLE. It doesn't get any more genius than this!

Not to mention the endless re-runs of Fraiser, Will & Grace and Golden Girls. I just love that Rose and all of her goofy St. Olaf stories involving vikings and farm animals.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...