Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Know It's Supposed to be Dark at the Movies...

So last night Marty and I went to see the 7pm showing of Mamma Mia at the 8-plex we love so much in Lincolnton (So as it turns out - I have never written about the genius of going to movies in Lincolnton. I was all set to link back to earlier comments but none seem to exist!).

The first problem was that when we arrived, a sign on the box office window apologized for the broken air conditioner in the Mamma Mia theater (as well as one of the Dark Knight theaters). Given the extreme heat, Marty and I were reluctant so I quickly pulled out my Blackberry to see if we could catch an alternate show in Hickory or Gastonia. There was a 7:40 in Gastonia but I really love the Lincolnton theater (it's virtually empty and they have really good popcorn and sodium-laden flavored salts and seasonings like ranch, white cheddar, and nacho that you can sprinkle on your popcorn). We debated going to see Dark Knight instead but I kind of had my heart set on Mamma Mia. We debated blowing off the movies and going to dinner, but I really had my heart set on popcorn as an entree, and so we asked the girl behind the window just how hot it was in the theater.

She assured it wasn't that bad and even offered to let us step inside and feel for ourselves. We did and it wasn't that bad. Seriously. It just wasn't completely frigid (so much for the sweater I brought) so we bought tickets, a large popcorn, and settled in for the show.

Now one of the genius things about going to the movies in Lincolnton is that the theaters are rarely crowded. Even when we went and saw Shrek 3 and Harry Potter 5 on opening day, the theaters were maybe at 60% capacity. Usually, there are less than 10 people in the theater when we go - I don't know if it's the movies we choose to see or the times of day we go but it's a highly pleasant experience. In fact, when we went to see Ratatouille back when it was in the theaters, we went to a 9:30pm showing on a Sunday night - not a popular time for an animated film. We were nearly the only ones in the theater -there was one man and his daughter.

Still, Marty and I have never been completely solo in the theater until last night. Between the film and the lack of a/c, I wasn't surprised.

Early on in the film, we heard some rumbling. Marty thought it may have been thunder. I wasn't aware we were expecting storms and thought maybe it was something else. Guess who was wrong? A few minutes later the lights flickered in a power surge and then.....the theater went completely dark. First time ever that's happened to me. Given the severity of the storm, we had to restart the film twice (not restart as in from the beginning but restart as in get the power back on and get the film up and running).

All in all, it made for an interesting night at the movies.

As for the film, I have seen the musical at least twice on Broadway and listen to the soundtrack on my iPod occasionally so I enjoyed it. Plus, it has goats.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...