Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still Surprising

So after all of this time - Mansour still manages to surprise and delight us. We rolled up to Willow Creek Inn last night at 7:30 - nearly a half hour late. I was exhausted from a long and frenzied week trying to get everything wrapped up for our comany's name change which goes into effect Monday morning and in all honesty - as much as I love Mansour, I would have been happy plopped on the sofa in my PJs with Chinese take-out.

But then Marty and I sat at "our table" and Mansour poured us a glass of wine and I began to unwind. Then came the food. Our first course was bacon wrapped shrimp in some sort of sweet and spicy Asian-inspired sauce. There was soy sauce, ginger, red pepper, something sweet - it was literally the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. Seriously. It was that good. When I told Mansour that he got all modest and said he had just whipped it up there on the spot. It wasn't even an existing recipe. I told him to write down whatever he did so he could serve it to me every time I come because it was so unbelievably delicious. Seriously.

Next was a small cup of a cumin-scented potato soup. Now I confess. I am not a huge fan of cumin. But with Mansour's delicate touch and in combination with whatever other ingredients he used, it was outstanding.

Our third course was a salad - fresh from Mansour's own garden.

Finally came the entree: a signature Mansour ribeye - grilled to perfection and served with a simple side of sauteed snap peas. Yum!

For dessert, we broke off a square of chocolate from an oversized candy bar in Mansour's office. I wasn't paying attention but I think the chocolate may have been Arabic or Spanish. Whatever it was, it was the perfect end to the perfect meal.

And to think that it all happened in Vale, NC...

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...

PS Last night Mansour was preparing for a wedding that's happening this afternoon. Check out the gargantuan hunk of meat he was roasting - it's like something you'd see Fred Flinstone eating: