Friday, May 09, 2008

Nothing Beats the Point of Purchase

So we were up in Hickory last night to buy flooring, have dinner and pick up some sort of seafood for a surf & turf dinner tonight. So after buying the flooring (gorgeous bamboo - can't wait to get rid of this functional, drab carpet) we opted for dinner first over the grocery store because you know what they say about shopping on an empty stomach.

Ate at Da Vinci. It wasn't bad but I still don't like the red sauce. I need to remember that next time I go.

Anyways, made it to Harris Teeter at a little after 9pm. It was a ghost town and of course the butcher/seafood department was closed and there was nothing out in the display cases. We felt thwarted (our little Teeter here in Lincolnton only carries the most basic seafood - cod, salmon, etc. - and certainly doesn't have lobster tails or jumbo shrimp). But then we found a wonderful employee named Michael Davis who went back into the freezer and pulled 2 lobster tails and wrapped them up even though he wasn't the fishmonger, even though it wasn't his assigned role, even though it was late. Talk about customer service - we need more Michael Davis's in the world.

Then, as we were waiting to check out, I stumbled upon this little gem:

Need I say more?

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Anonymous said...

Was the mag at Harris Teeter or the Cigarettes, Guns, and Feed Store?