Monday, May 05, 2008

Another Escape

Ann-Margaret got out again. Actually, she got out a day or 2 after her first escape but then Marty fixed the fence where we thought she was getting through and there have been no problems. Until today.

I am on the phone with my boss when I hear some baaahing. So I walk to the window to look and see what's going on (baaahing is not typically cause for concern but I am me (read: completely, over the top neurotic) so I like to check on these things) and there's Ann-Margaret wandering around the driveway.

I hang-up the phone (my boss lives on a farm and has horses and a donkey and understands these things) and go flying out the door completely solo and unprepared i.e. without cookies or treats or any other sort of bribe. I spent 5 minutes trying to coax her back in - which was not easy because every time I opened the gate Lucky tried to get out.

I hollered for Marty a few times but he couldn't hear me (so fruitless on my point - as Dierks Benltey sings: What Was I Thinking?).

Eventually, I left Ann-Margaret unattended momentarily, ran to the barn to grab a treat, and then bribed her back into the pasture.

Nothing like some animal drama to kick-start a Monday.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...