Thursday, April 24, 2008

Possibility for a Pest Free Existence

So while I love being a Country Girl and all, there's one thing I have no tolerance for: bugs. When the ants start marching, out comes that can of Raid and I don't stop spraying until they are drowning in a toxic sea of Imiprothrin and Cypermethrin. I am not one of those people who gingerly picks up spiders and places them outside in their natural habitat. They are squashed and flushed before they can scurry away. You get the point.

Well, when you live on a farm, you have insects. It's a way of life - or so I have been told by my loving husband who at this point, is used to my shrill screams every time I find myself face to face with anything with an exoskeleton or at least 8 legs.

But - not any more! Hallelujah and thank you to the good folks at Terminix, who for the low, low cost of $350/year will ensure you a pest-free existence. Seriously. No joke. Ants, roaches, fleas & ticks, spiders, termites - they spray, they bait, inside, outside - whatever it takes. No limit on how many times a year they show up. You find a spider in the shower? You can call and they'll show up to remove it. Ants searching for food in the kitchen? Put down that can of Raid and call Terminix. They're on the way to take care of the problem. They'll spray the yard for fleas and ticks. Get rid of wasp and bee nests. Whatever. ANYTHING.

How excited am I? I mean - I am almost at a loss for words.

Now I have been warned, that sometimes after the initial treatment, there can be "movement." The insects have been disturbed from their natural habitat and so they look for new places to go - including in the house. However, all I have to do is call my man, and he'll come by and take care of it. After a few more treatments, they have been pushed out of the house, out of the yard and into some other poor person's property.

To me, this is simply the most genius thing ever and I've already programmed Kenny, our Terminix rep, on speed dial.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...