Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Week, Another Idol

Ok - I didn't mean for another week to go by. I swear. I didn't. And it's not because I have nothing to write about. I literally have not had the time. Days are long. Nights seem to slip away. And of course, it's Tuesday which means...

...Rather than write about the two gentlemen on either side of me at the Palm West in NYC this weekend who smothered their perfect Palm steaks with steak sauce (I mean - if that ain't country) or the fact that with 8 you get pasture (i.e. my hooved brood is grazing so much I hardly need to worry about bushhogging), I am going to offer another commentary on AI.

Very briefly:

Syesha is in her element with this Broadway business. When Simon commented that he'd seen more personality tonight than any other, I felt like saying: it's not her personality!! It's the personality of the character she's singing. Anyways, I think she's found her element.

Jason got lucky tonight because...once again, Brooke stumbled. Love her. Love the voice. Pretty sure she'll get a recording contract. But she pretty much sucked tonight.

Nothing to say about David A. Predictable. Everyone will love him I am sure. You know my opinion.

I give ALW a lot of credit for pointing Carly in a better direction than she would have chosen herself (what is it with these contestants and their shitty song choices?). But I think the judges gave Carly too much credit and I predict she'll be in the bottom three.

As for David Cook - he totally earned my respect tonight for singing the song as ALW intended and not trying to rearrange the shit out of it. His vocals were strong, the performance modern and memorable. I totally disagree with Simon's critique.

Meanwhile, missing KLC just a little, but...

if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Linda said...

I am a Phantom fan, but I'm sorry, Archie should never have picked that song, and furthermore, one should never ever change an Andrew Lloydd Weber song. Archie did, and I do so hope that he goes home!! Loved David C and Carly. Syesha did well.