Saturday, April 05, 2008

All Grown Up

So the last few days we've had Lucky out in the pasture all day and we've been bringing her in around 10, 10:30pm and letting her sleep in the house. It's been less about feeding her because I've stopped that last night time bottle and more about giving her some quality family time.

But I noticed that bringing her in that late seemed to be doing more harm than good. At that hour she was usually settled in and asleep and my going out there just disrupted the natural herd rhythm. Plus, there was the whole standing around and waiting for her to go to the bathroom before we came in the house and usually a second trip out to the pasture before I put her up in her cage.

So last night we had Mansour over for dinner and afterwards we sat around for a while talking and helping him put together some sample menus for prospective partygoers. By the time he left it was nearly 11pm and even though it was raining, we decided not to bring Lucky in and left her in the pasture. It helped that she wasn't crying, but still, I felt bad because she had been out there through some nasty thunderstorms and I imagine she was scared.

Anyways, we left her outside overnight and this morning I went out there at 7 to give her a bottle. I wasn't sure where she'd sleep since some times the other goats seem to push her to the side. Ann Margaret was against the barn with the boys curled up near her. Elvis was under the picnic table. So were Nugget and Surprise Steve. And there, lying next to Prisey, her best friend and unquestionable partner in crime ever since Peanut and Buster spent one and a half weeks in a stall, was my little Lucky loo. I couldn't have been happier.

My little baby is all grown up.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...