Thursday, March 20, 2008

March MADness

Ok - so I don't quite have the time to live-blog the tourney like Yahoo's Dan Wetzel (I wish I did) but I will take a break from the goats (they are all fine and 120.5mg of baby aspirin over the last ~ 24 hours seems to have helped ease the pain in Peanut's leg so much so that he's putting weight on it) to address any comments about the Duke-Belmont game and whether or not Duke deserved the win.

Belmont played well. No doubt. It's their 3rd year in the tourney and they matched up the last 2 years against teams that made it to the Final 4 (UCLA, Georgetown) so they are not March Madness neophytes. They also had an answer for Duke's perimeter game which was to shoot the ball well from downtown themselves.

Meanwhile, Duke did not play their finest. Maybe they weren't scared of a 15-seed coming from a music school in Nashville. Maybe they were all feeling the effects of Coach K's fever. DeMarcus Nelson was cold. Greg Paulus was so-so. Thank God for Gerald Henderson.

But at the end of the day, Duke won because they are a better team. Belmont could not make the big, critical plays at the end. They had a critical turnover on their last in-bound pass. Their attempt at a buzzer-beater was weak at best. It was a sign of inexperience. Had Duke been playing a more experienced team, they probably would have lost.

That all said, they did not lose. They won. So for all you Carolina fans (or anti-Duke fans) sorry to disappoint. But did you really think Coach K, who I believe has the most NCAA Tournament victories of all time (or at least of active coaches) would lose opening round games in back-to-back years? Even with a fever.