Monday, March 10, 2008

I Don't Get NASCAR

Sorry. I know that's blasephemy in these here parts - but will someone explain NASCAR to me? You essentially have 30 or 40 cars, driving around in a circle for hours on end, and as far as I can tell, the main strategy would simply seem to be: Go Faster Than Everyone Else. And yet - this is a billion dollar industry and thousands upon thousands of people are die hard fans. I just don't get it. Help please.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Alison said...

43 cars to be exact and like all sports, it becomes exciting when you can see the strategy behind it all. 2 tires vs. 4 tires at a pit stop. Fuel management. The determination of what line to drive to secure the fastest way to the front. All those decisions and more are really what make the race more of a show when you look at most tracks.
And, of course, you also have the segment of population that believes the more exciting races are the ones prone to accidents and even a fight or two. Racing, however, in this decade has become a lot more like the open wheel racing and about the machine vs. the personalities and/or intimidation that one driver can exude on the whole pack.

My advice first is to tune in next week for Bristol's race - a short track that has extremely high banking. There you'll likely see some of the wrecking and tempers that draw the crowd. Plus, Bristol is much more appealing to those that grew up around local racing simply because it is a short track and has a tendency to bring out the worst (which means the best for ratings) in the drivers.

Second, I'd advise you actually go to a race. If you're not willing to shell out the cash for 4hrs of something you may not like (for a decent seat to see the whole track) at least venture up to Hickory and catch that local track action. They have other racing leagues running there (sort of like the farm teams in the minors - not your AAA ball for sure, but a start for a lot of the drivers you see in Nascar's Sprint Cup today). That can give you a sense of the culture (i.e. COUNTRY for sure) that racing stems from, but it'll also get you closer to the action and that generally brings a little more excitement to any subject material.

All of this is probably a lot more than you were asking for, huh? :0)

Linda said...

S....when you figure it out, let me know also, please. I don't understand what people see as cars go around in a big circle. Heck....drag racing is a lot more interesting!!