Friday, February 08, 2008

Just Call Me Mama

Well - Lucky (we re-christened her in light of her newly discovered gender and her circumstances) has taken to the bottle like a champ. She got it around 10:30 yesterday morning and when she first connected and started suckling, I just smiled and smiled and smiled. And I'll tell you what, I love feeding her. It is such a bonding experience and I feel so good knowing I am helping her live. She crawls all over me and sniffs me and nuzzles me and we play and in general have a good time. I am not so sure any more that we are going to give her up.

Meanwhile, we let Ann-Margaret and the other 2 babies out today for the first time. By the way - wrong on genders again. Peanut and Coco are both boys so Coco has been re-christened Buster. Anyways, the boys love being outside. They were running and jumping in the grass and exploring {Elvis got a little alpha with them, but not violent). Then, when they were tuckered out, they curled up together for a nap in the sun.

It breaks my heart that Lucky is cooped up inside in a kennel while her siblings play together outside. That makes me sad. It really does. But I love getting to bond with her and I love taking care of her and I love being a mom to her and I think in 6 - 8 weeks when she is weaned from milk and big enough to defend herself, we'll turn her back out into the pasture and she'll return to her family.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...