Tuesday, January 15, 2008

West Lincoln - A Great Place to Live and Be From (Guest Blogger: John Scronce)

My drive to Hillside on Saturday brought me out to West Lincoln and I started to think about the special and unique nature of West Lincoln and why it was so different from other parts of Lincoln County. So I asked my friend, Johnny "Sumo" Scronce, a West Lincoln native, to guest blog on the subject. Following are his thoughts:

Top ten reasons that West Lincoln is a great place to be.... Well I do not know that I could list them by numbers but it seems to be a pretty tight neighborhood around here.

Not a place for strangers to come in and start givin' orders.

Not a place to attempt to have your developments sprout up.

It is a place if you need help you will have no problem finding it if you ask.

It is in the same county but all you need to do is spend a few minutes (some of you slower folks maybe a few hours) in the separate areas of Lincoln county and you will see the world is different in West Lincoln. Time seems to slow down here and you have time to speak to others and they even answer you back.

Nobody trying to impress others with what they have. Hell most folks up here will loan you or let you have what they have.

No pressure to drive the nicest car or own the biggest house.

You can call on your neighbor to help with about anything from A to Z.

A place where family and friends are put ahead of worldly gains for most folks.

Now don't go thinking we are perfect cause we have been invaded by some strangers who don't understand the culture. Some accept our ways and enjoy, but some continue to suggest that they do it right where they come from and that is just fine by us - just head back to where it was you come from and do it.

Where the biggest day of the year is the Cat Square parade (Biggest in the state of NC).

A place where a cure for the cold or what bothers ya will start and end with Alcohol that has not been taxed.

A great place to live and be from.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Anonymous said...

... and to think, I got to enjoy several of those things on my last visit. Was especially fond of the 'untaxed' liquor.