Sunday, January 06, 2008

Does It Ever End?

Ok - so it was not my intention to get such a late start blogging in 2008. But I thought it only fair to take New Years Day off, and then my week was sort of crazy and what not, and then yesterday disappeared, and now here it is, Sunday morning, the 6th day of the year, and I am just getting around to saying hello. Hello.

I thought about writing about my New Years resolutions, but I typically don't make them. However, I do have one resolution, which is not really a resolution, more of "I-need-to-get-this-done-in-2008-otherwise-I-will-go-absolutely-insane" priority and I was mentioning it to my brother who said: "Write about it. If you put it out there in public, then you have to get it done." It's not bad advice really - I mean, that's how I quit smoking nearly 12 years ago. I made the decision, then told everyone I know right away figuring I'd be so shamed if I reneged. I dunno - it worked for me.

So anyways, Marty & I have been here for a year and a half, and in that time, we've done a tremendous amount of work on the house and the property. But it seems as if every time we check something off our to-do-list, 5 more things spring up. Does it ever end?

I know that the answer is "No." My parents bought a house in upstate NY 1 month before I was born nearly 32.5 years ago. They are still working on it. There's either always something that needs to be done or always something that you want to do. It's the inevitable pitfall of being a homeowner.

Our list here is long and ranges from the simple (finish getting window treatments, change out several light fixtures) to the more complex (repaint the master bath which is painted an unfortunate shade of purple which I picked out because it looked so pretty in the Polo paint catalog when applied on walls in a sun-dappled, oceanfront cottage with lots of natural light and white furniture but which does not work so well on an interior bathroom with no natural light and which, to make matter worse, is accented by a darker purple trim - in fact, repainting this bath has been at the top of the list for a while but has been put off because in addition to paint, we need better lighting and we need to add medicine cabinets above the sink so that I can stop bending down to get whatever I need from under the sink and speaking of sinks, should we replace the one we have and so on and so forth and so it turns into a more complex project that really needs to be well thought out and not just a paint job - but I digress). In fact, I won't even get into the fact that despite what's already on the list, Marty & I are talking about adding some walls in the studio to carve out a little room to use as a home gym...are we nuts are what???

But that's not what I meant to put out there (although now it's out there - so ask me in 6 months where we are on this stuff...).

We have buildings. Two in fact. I think it's a Southern thing to put up storage buildings. Or maybe it's an us thing. Well - we didn't put them up - my in-laws did and to be fair, my mother-in-law used to run a gift shop and design center here and so she needed a warehouse (or 2) to store inventory and what not.

But we don't run a shop anymore. We live here. And yet, to look in those buildings, you'd think we were still running a store. It drives me crazy mainly because it's completely unorganized. Stuff has been dumped in there and thrown in there willy nilly for the last several years. Some of it is ours. Some of it is old inventory from the shop. Some of it belongs to my in-laws who needed a place to store some stuff. Some of it is stuff my mother-in-law saved because she thought we might be able to use it down the road. And believe me - many items have come in handy from prints to lamps to fake floral arrangements to Christmas decorations and lights.

But navigating that building is a nightmare and it offends my organizational sensibilities.

Plus, there's also stuff lining the walls of the other building, which currently serves as the garage. It's just too much.

So - in order to maintain my sanity in 2008, getting those buildings cleaned out and organized is my top priority. Even ahead of the purple bathroom.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Larfus said...

Hello, I am from Lincoln county as well. The eastern side of the county. I discovered your blog not to long ago and thought I would just say great work and keep it coming.