Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blogging Woes

I seem to be thwarted in my efforts to blog "interestingly." Remember how I wanted to live-blog the CMAs but technical difficulties prevented me from doing so?

Well, I was all set to live-blog the Golden Globes tonight because everyone knows that the Globes are the best awards show because it combines both TV and movies and they serve booze so it's kind of fun to see all the celebrities liquored up and/or miss their cues (or awards) because they are in the ladies room (anyone remember Christine Lahti missing her award for Chicago Hope awhile back?). Plus, the Hollywood Foreign Press is usually good for a wild card or two i.e. they don't necessarily vote for the industry faves (remember Madonna winning a Best Actress Globe for Evita and not even getting an Oscar nomination?).

Anyways, thanks to the WGA strike there are no Globes to live-blog. Merely Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell (at least - that's who I think it is) reading a press release of all the nominees and winners for an hour. Not that interesting and certainly not worth live-blogging.

Being the resourceful girl I am however, I thought a nice alternative to live-blogging would be mobile-blogging and I was going to post from my handheld while I was at a friend's house watching the Giants beat the Cowboys, because it just goes to show what you can do with modern technology. Joys of being in the country - I couldn't get a signal.

So, it's a boring old, regular, old-fashioned post from my laptop at home. Live-blogging and mobile blogging will have to wait for another day. At least I am watching Duke beat Virginia.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...