Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome Home Dixie Mae

It only took about 4 months, but Dixie Mae is finally home.

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First of all, thanks to Uncle Harold for coming up with the name. Here was his thought process:

In the sequel to Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong is taken
captive and Diddy Kong takes his place as the protagonist with a new
female sidekick named...Dixie Kong. And, of course, the obvious: you
are living in a state that seceded from the Union. "Look away, look
away, look away..well, you get the point."

We loved it and truthfully, she looks like a Dixie, doesn't she?

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So, we brought her home this morning. We put her up in the stall (because we weren't sure how she'd interact with the goats) while we went back to get our truck and run some errands but after lunch, I headed out to the pasture with some work and a folding chair and spent about an hour outside trying to read and keep an eye on Dixie and the goats to make sure that they didn't attack each other.

The goats were completely flummoxed by her presence and sort of huddled together and stared:

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After it was clear that they weren't going to injure each other, I came inside and continued trying to work/study while keeping an eye on the pasture. For awhile, Dixie kind of ran and frolicked and when she got too close to the goats they ran from her and then she'd run towards them again and then they'd run and so on. But eventually they got to grazing and they all sort of hung out for a while.

And it's not just the goats who are not sure what to do with Dixie. Tony is in a right state over her. He's been watching her from the window all afternoon and when he finally went outside, he bristled at the sight of her and his tail started twitching.

I am hoping that all of my animals naturally adjust over the next few days and start the bonding process. In the meantime, Marty is already talking about buying one of Dixie's playmates from the breeder so she won't be lonely.

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And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...