Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Nowhere to Get a Drink (But Still a Very Merry Christmas)

Had a very Merry Christmas yesterday. Woke up early and patiently waited for my husband to get up and finally at 10:30, like a kid on Christmas on morning, woke him up so we could open presents!

Spent a few hours during the day at the Rollins' - the folks who run Good Wood Pizza . They have a big pizza party at their place every Christmas and we were invited after having them "cater" (can make your own pizza really be called catering?) our holiday bash at the beginning of the month. (Which, as my friend John pointed out, I failed to blog about. Whoops.)

Then, because we haven't had enough to eat in the last few days (I made home made lasagna on Christmas Eve - it was sooooooo good), Marty & I prepared a traditional English roast for supper: standing rib roast, horseradish sauce, Coleman's mustard, Yorkshire pudding, peas, and roasted potatoes. I was a little bit nervous about the Yorkshire pudding, but Marty assured me it was better than what we'd had at Rule's in London when we were there 3 years ago (note: I have to pause and write that the inspiration for this meal came partly from our wonderful dinner at Rule's and partly going back to Marty's English heritage).

Then, with presents open and having consumed enough food to last us for days, Marty & I decided to go out and have a holiday nip. Last year, Marty wound up at Lincoln House. It was him and the bartender and the Christmas tree - and frankly that sounded like a nice way to end the day, but alas, after last year's poor turn out, Lincoln House was closed this Christmas. As was Tradewinds. As was Zippers.

You know what was open as we headed home? Waffle House. And the place was packed.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...