Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why I Love Small Town Life

So Karen's reception was last night and it was fabulous! I have to admit, in a year and a half of living here it was one of our first real nights out in Lincolnton where we had the chance to truly be part of the local community.

Karen's show is at the Cultural Center (in a very large p.s. I will suggest that all local readers make their way over there before the end of the month as her work is absolutely OUTSTANDING) and everyone who was there last night seemed to know each other. Marty's firm sponsored the wine and so not only did we provide the wine but we were the bartenders and so we met a lot of people and you could tell that people were trying to figure out who we were, why we were there, where we fit in, etc. It was actually kind of fun because we've lived in Lincolnton for a while now and we're still relatively unknown and ever so slightly mysterious.

After the show, we popped over to Tradewinds for a quick game of trivia. Although the bar was empty when we sat down, it filled up quickly. A grey haired gentleman with a moustache came in. Elsa, the bartender, addressed him by name and steered him to the one remaining seat to my left. She got him a drink without even asking and plunked an ashtray in front of him unrequested. It was if he was a regular.

His name was Paul. Although he didn't have a game board, he joined into the trivia action shouting out answers when he knew them. He was a friendly enough fellow and we made some polite small talk.

I assumed he was a local and a regular but as it turns out, he lives in Arizona and is a sub-contractor for Lowes. He's only in town for 2 weeks. Still, I loved that Elsa knew him by name, knew his drink of choice (Bud in a bottle) and that she made a point of introducing him when he sat down. It was exactly why I love living in a small town.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...