Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No - We Don't Fry Turkeys

So...some more thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Let me begin by saying that no, we don't fry a turkey. We don't brine a turkey. We don't roast a turkey. We simply don't do turkey. Marty doesn't like turkey in any way shape or form so we might be the only people in America to have a turkey-less Thanksgiving.

This of course disturbs me because it's Thanksgiving also known as Turkey Day and ever since I learned about brining I think that I make one hell of a turkey and so not being able to prepare turkey bothers me. Deboning and grilling cornish game hens just does not provide the same level of satisfaction...

What I do get satisfaction from is making my stuffing and traditional mashed potatoes (not a whiff of roasted garlic or goat cheese in sight) and my spiced cranberry and fruit conserve which nobody eats but me (well Marty doesn't eat it and if it's just us that's an awful lot of cranberries for one person). Less satisfying? Traditional green bean casserole (which, if you can believe, I actually screwed up the first time I tried to make it - I mean this is a foolproof recipe on the side of soup cans everywhere and I, who can make the most awesome broccoli and cheese souffle you've ever tasted, messed it up!) and macaroni and cheese. I just don't get the whole mac and cheese as Thanksgiving side staple but Marty swears by it. He assures me it's a Southern thing.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your

Bonus: Click here for my cranberry recipe - it's delicious!


Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah and Marty!! Have a beautiful day!!