Sunday, November 11, 2007

Houston, We Have a Problem

So I had high, high hopes for my glorified return to the world of blogging. I was going to live-blog the CMAs. I have never live-blogged before but I love it when Dan Wetzel does it for the first 2 days of March Madness and The Fug Girls were hysterical with their live blog coverage of the Oscars. So the CMAs seemed like the perfect forum: an awards show, country music and long-time proclivities for spangles and big hair, more performers than awards - plus, I was in Chicago which meant the show ran from 7pm - 10pm so no threat that I'd fall asleep before it was over.

Alas, if you can beieve it: I COULDN'T GET FREAKING INTERNET IN MY ROOM. That's right, while staying at the Ritz-Carlton (a Four Seasons hotel) in Chicago I could not get Internet in my room. I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say I spent WAY TOO MUCH time on Wednesday trying to solve the issue. Apparently, the Ritz does not offer in-room wireless and for some reason, my laptop was missing a LAN connection (not their fault but still - wireless is kind of the go-to technology these days and I never thought I'd be penalized for having the more modern technology) so once I realized the problem I went to the business center and tried to download the driver from Dell but it didn't work and I eventually threw my hands up and returned to my room, having missed the first 1/2 hour of the show. I watched about 30 more minutes, maybe an hour and from what I watched - there was plenty of good material.

I saw Big & Rich (or maybe it was Brooks and Dunn - I get them kind of confused) take the stage. One was wearing a seriously pimp daddy fur coat that would give Sharon Stone a run for her money while the other was wearing a hat from the Dr. Seuss reject pile.

I saw Rascal Flatts win an award (best group I think) which was enough to have me question everything about today's country music and life in general. They might possibly be the worst musical act EVER. And they look kind of dorky and all of their girlfriends/wives/female companions looked they had taken classes at the Pamela Anderson school of Tanning & Enlargement and well...anyways, I wonder.

I watched Carrie Underwood sing So Small (again - why is this her first single???) and wondered if the girl had consumed a carbohydrate in the last year? She did look lovely in yellow (in my opinion).

I saw Sara Evans and Kate Walsh in their "hosting" roles. Flat. Flat. Flat. I mean, Sara is a singer and not an actress but Kate Walsh is actually talented. Kind of. Sort of. I mean, she was when she was bitchy Addison on Grey's but now that they've softened her corners, she's less exciting (hence why I don't watch Private Practice) and well, she was terrible at the CMAs. The writing was awful and the lame attempts at humor fell flat as did Sara and Addy who read straight from the teleprompter with little to no emotion. I almost choked when Bucky Covington was introduced as part of the stable of hot (as in good looking and not popular) new country male artists.

So you can see, there was plenty of material and I was so looking forward to actually, finally getting the chance to live blog but alas I was denied. I don't know where this leaves me exactly in my live-blogging quest - I guess I'll have to wait until the ACM awards in May...

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...