Friday, October 19, 2007

A Saturday in the Country in 2 Chapters

Chapter 2 When We Make Pie

Ok. So you probably don't even care about Chapter 2 any more seeing as it's been 11 days since Chapter 1. And I guess I should have warned you that I was taking a slight hiatus, although truth be told I didn't know that I was taking a hiatus until 11 days of feeling semi-unmotivated and uninspired passed and I realized I was either being completely lazy and shirking my blogging responsibilities or taking a hiatus and obviously taking a hiatus sounds so much better than being lazy. Anyways...

Back to the pie. No - not that pie, New York pie. Pizza.

Last Saturday (or rather, 2 Saturdays ago - God, does time fly), we took mom and dad out to Mansour's for a make your own pizza party. The wood burning oven was fired up. The dough was already made. All you had to do was grab a ball, roll it out, and then top to your hearts desire. Mansour did not skimp on the toppings as there was beef, 2 types of sausage, ham, chicken, fresh shiitakes, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, asparagus, jalapenos, and 2 types of cheese (among others - it's been 2 weeks and I didn't take notes).

I will tell you this: It was the best pizza I've ever had. I think it's because I made it and had complete control over the proportion and distribution of all toppings (both sausages, ham, shiitakes, artichokes, chicken, asparagus). Or it could have been the wood burning oven - which as far as I am concerned you could use to boil water and the water would taste that much better.

What's even better about this whole experience - at least for those of you who live nearby - is that there is a local company that can replicate this party in your backyard. Brian Rollins and his wife own Good Wood Pizza. Brian builds wood burning ovens (in fact, he helped Mansour with his) but they also have a portable oven and they bring it to your house, and they bring a big old bowl of dough, and either they'll supply the toppings or you can supply the toppings, and voila - instant pizza party!

I think I am officially off hiatus, especially since I am off to pick tomatoes tomorrow morning at a farm in China Grove.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Alison said...

Wow! I'm so glad you report semi-religiously on Mansour's. I had no idea he offered so many different food events.

And, Lincolnton desperately needs a wood fired pizza venue in my opinion, so thanks for the info on Good Wood Pizza.