Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not What I Was Expecting

Remember my concerns with Carrie Underwood's new single?

Well as it turns out, having now listened to the CD obsessively for the last week (it helped that I had to drive to and from Atlanta AND that NPR has been having a pledge drive so there's no real programming to listen to)So Small is 1 of 3 tracks on the 13-track CD that I don't like. I am a big fan of the power ballads Just a Dream, I Know You Won't and I Told You So (will Carrie do for Randy Travis what Whitney did for Dolly?) as well as the Before-He-Cheats knock-off Last Name. I belt these bad boys out in the car like I have Carrie's pipes (by the way - she has a serious voice and American Idol - producers and viewers - should be relieved that they got it right that year). I am also quite fond of the more uptempo Get Out of This Town, Crazy Dreams and All-American Girl. Even Flat on the Floor, the first track, which I was scratching my head when I first heard it, is growing on me as is The More Boys I Meet and Twisted.

I am curious to see what her second single will be, but in the mean time, I am waiting for Garth's new CD next Tuesday and the CMAs on Wednesday (which I am considering live-blogging).

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...