Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mansour Does It Again

Well…I haven’t really been inspired to write much of anything recently. I know that you are sick of the goat tales (though you’ll be glad to hear that Elvis seems to be recovering just fine) and I can’t really keep complaining about the shortening days and the fact that it’s dark out now when I leave in the morning.

I was going to write about a double whammy with technological devices purchased online (a portable GPS that doesn’t offer door-to-door navigation – it just gets you to the general area – I mean, really – what’s the point? And a car radio whose clock can’t be programmed – seriously, I called the manufacturers in NY and they don’t even know how to program it – they have their tech guys breaking down a model and trying to figure it out as we speak) but then I decided it wasn’t particularly country and I find myself where I’ve found myself before…realizing that I am just too darn country for my own good and at a loss of interesting and entertaining stories.

Lucky for me we had dinner at Willow Creek Inn last night, and as always, Mansour blew us away. It started when we pulled in and I saw flames in the wood-burning oven Mansour built over the summer. Yum...anything cooked in a wood-burning oven is fine by me. We were seated at our favorite little table, wine was poured, and immediately, all the stress and chaos of the day were gone. Mansour started us off with salad – which seemed a bit odd because he usually serves us soup or an appetizer and then the salad but there was no precursor this evening. The salad was perfectly portioned (he has historically tended to serve us entrée size salads that are way too big) and full of farm-fresh vegetables, a sliver of some delicious blue cheese and a not-too-tangy balsamic. It’s amazing that something as simple as a salad can still blow me away.

But it was the entrée that put the evening over the top: wood-fire grilled beef tenderloin atop a piece of wood-fired Lavosh served with wood-fired onions and a whole wood-fire roasted tomato. Additionally, there was a steaming pile of Mansour’s amazing rice (seriously – his plain white rice is beyond words good) topped with a bevy of fragrant herbs and spices that Mansour ordered us to mix into the rice while it was still hot. Everything was beyond delicious. Even dessert – a brown-sugar stuffed date accompanied by a cup of Mansour’s perfumed tea, was perfect.

Next up on the agenda at Willow Creek Inn? Native American Night on the 27th - bonfire and everything.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Linda said...

Oh my!! That sounds so good!! I need a decent meal, I think I will go search one out!! LOL