Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Commenting on a Subject I Know Very Little About

I don't know a lot about college football. I can't tell you who won the Heisman last year (apparently Troy Smith of Ohio State) or who played in the 1969 Rose Bowl (Ohio State again, defeating USC and that year's Heisman winner O.J. Simpson). But I am married to an Aggie, and college football is sort of a religion in our house, so I know just enough to be dangerous. Which leads me to my commentary on this weekends Big Upset at the Big House.

Lets start with Michigan. They were ranked #5 in the pre-season poll and considered contenders for a possible national championship. But should they have been ranked #5? After all, they lost their last 2 games. And despite returning most of their offense, they had lost quite a bit of their defense. Was that 5 ranking based in reality, or was it steeped in myth and history of college football's winningest program?

Speaking of winning, I dont know how you can consider a football team that wins back-to-back national championships (and incidentally are heavily favored to win again this year) a cream puff. So what if it was Division I-AA. I went to Duke. Our football team is Division I-A. Trust me. These guys would pound us into the ground. They are the best of the best in their league and in my mind that's enough to make them contenders.

And yet everyone seemed shocked at the outcome of the game. They're calling it the biggest upset in college football. Little App State from little Boone, NC comes into big ol' Michigan and wins? Preposterous! And yet in my mind, it wasn't so shocking. But then again, as I said before, I don't exactly know a whole lot about college football.

I think what tickles me the most about the whole thing is that the App State kicker, Julian Rauch, who kicked the winning field goal under tremendously pressure-filled circumstances, is a member of the congregation I go to in Gastonia.

Never let it be said that Jews can't play football.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...