Wednesday, September 12, 2007

City Mouse vs. County Mouse

So, as it turns out, my not being able to vote in yesterday's election had nothing to do with my political leanings and everything to do with where I live.

Apparently, while I live in Lincolnton, I don't actually live in Lincolnton i.e. within the city limits so I can't vote for city officials. Ok.

I admit, I was a bit frustrated about this at first until I realized what exactly the mayor of Lincolnton does. As per the city's website:

The Mayor is the chief elected official of the City of Lincolnton. The Mayor is elected, at large, for a two-year term. The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Lincolnton City Council. The Mayor votes to break a tie vote and does not have veto power. The mayor appoints members to various municipal boards and commissions, issues special proclamations, meets with citizen groups, and represents the city at various local, state and national meetings. The Mayor serves as the City’s Chief Ambassador, meeting with dignitaries and business representatives. The Mayor plays an important role in the development of Lincolnton’s municipal policy.

Not exactly like being mayor of New York City...

That said however, I am pulling for David Black - who came in first (with 377 votes) although didn't win the 40% required which means a run-off is possible.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...