Thursday, August 30, 2007

Would You Like Nightcrawlers with That Blow Out? (UPDATED)

I am flummoxed – nay stymied – by the preponderance of roadside “salons” that I see down in these parts. They typically don’t amount to much more than a trailer or a shack or occasionally a pre-fab home with a sign out front – sometimes hand-written, sometimes painted, sometimes with the little magnetic letters like they use at gas stations – advertising a variety of services from cuts to color to nails to tanning. I mean – really, it’s like Peggy Sue went to Mr. Rodolfo’s Beauty Academy in Smallville, got a certificate, and is now trying to outdo Elizabeth Arden with a full spectrum of beauty treatments –OUT OF HER HOME.

I don’t get it. Do people actually stop at these places? Is this a sustainable way to earn a living? Would you randomly go into someone’s roadside home and ask for a trim, a cut, or worse yet, highlights? I mean, we all know that I am nuts when it comes to my hair (although I did find a divine colorist in Charlotte), but I just don’t get this.

A friend of mine who lives in a small town in WV and can completely relate to this phenomenon told me about her favorite sign: Tanning, Hair Cuts and Live Bait.

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…

UPDATE: My WV friend just called to say that she was driving through the mountains and looking for the Tanning, Hair Cuts, Live Bait sign so that she could take a picture and send it to me to post. Unfortunately, that establishment is no longer in business (is anyone truly surprised) but across the street, there was a restaurant. There was no name or anything. But a sign out front read: Beer & Eat. That's right. Beer & Eat.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...