Monday, August 27, 2007

Snub You

I was snubbed. By a waiter. At breakfast. At a bed & breakfast on Lake Lure. That's right. Snubbed. By a waiter.

(Pause here while I do some deep breathing exercises and bring my flaring temper under control).

Seriously, the whole episode made me so angry. I stormed back to the room, roused Marty from his Sunday morning snooze-in and ranted and raved for 5 minutes using all sorts of expletives and language not fit to print in this blog.

"Why didn't you say something?" Marty muttered, still half-asleep and clearly annoyed.

"Because. It's his job to serve me. I shouldn't have to ask."

Anyways we debated the topic for more of the morning than I'd care to admit and we tried to figure out what I could have possibly done to annoy the waiter in question.

Was I rude at breakfast the previous morning? I don't think so.

Was he annoyed I asked him for water the previous morning because I didn't see it out on the buffet? What can I say, I didn't see it.

Was he annoyed when, the previous morning, after hurriedly eating my omelet and taking off because I was late for an appointment, I returned 5 minutes later, with Marty in tow, and Marty decided to toast an English muffin for the road while I grabbed a can of V-8 (conveniently located in a basket next to the heretofore unseen water)? Possibly.

I suppose it didn't matter really. I mean, I wasn't in the mood for any of the breakfast choices (eggs benedict and french toast) - although I had been thinking I'd maybe ask them to scramble me an egg and I was definitely flirtng with a side order of bacon. So while I waited to be waited upon, I served myself some fruit. Then got up again to toast an English muffin. I got juice. Coffee. I read my book. Nothing. For 15 minutes - nothing.

I'd like to give this young man the benefit of the doubt. I'd like to say that he didn't see me or was busy serving thousands of other people. But it's a small B&B. Less than 20 rooms. Less than 30 seats in the dining room. Plus, I rolled in on the late side of the breakfast window so it's not like I sat down at the same time as 10 other people.

It was, as far as I can tell, a clear and deliberate snub.

So why share this humiliating experience with you all? I honestly have no idea. It's just something I feel like writing about, something I suppose I may feel like looking back on one day many, many moons down the road, and sighing, and thinking to myself: "Ah...what a lovely weekend at Lake Lure...What a lovely dinner at Water Oak...what a lovely lodge - even though it's not the one where they filmed Dirty Dancing...and what an obnoxious, snot-nosed waiter who has no business being a waiter because clearly he has no interest in waiting tables...well, mine anyways.

Sorry...I feel like I've wandered off the deep end so I'll simply wrap it up before I do any further damage...

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Linda said...

I am so sorry that you felt that way. Did you talk to the manager? Well, maybe your next visit will be much better. Maybe he was just having a bad day.