Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On My Playlist – Part II

I caved. I did it. I downloaded Tim McGraw. Please don’t hate me. Or disown me as a friend. It was simply inevitable. Every fifth song on the radio is a Tim McGraw song. Some of them are catchy. They stuck in my head. In my defense one of my 2 McGraw downloads was Live Like You Are Dying. I am sorry. I happen to like the song. I know it’s sort of cheesy but it makes me think of his dad, Tug McGraw, and their whole father-son dynamic which was well publicized by the media (well, People magazine anyways) when Tug was dying and then Tim wrote this song (well - he didn't write it but some songwriters in Nashville wrote it) and I mean, how can you not like it?

I also downloaded Don’t Take The Girl, a very sappy and cheesy ballad that I am sure I will hate in about 2 months but for now it's on the playlist.

I wanted to download Everywhere but I couldn’t bring myself to buy THREE Tim McGraw songs in one sitting. Aren’t you proud I managed to stop at two?

Speaking of Tim McGraw, has anybody heard his new duet with Faith Hill, I Need You? And can anybody explain the following lyric to me:

So I need you like a needle needs a vein

Ok – what’s up with this line? Needles and veins primarily make me think of strung out druggies in crack houses in the ghetto and prostitutes desperate for a hit and chasing the dragon and freebasing and overdoses and getting my blood taken at the doctor’s office and in general all sorts of things that I don’t want to be thinking about ever, at all, under any circumstance.

What’s even odder to me is that this line is juxtaposed with other “I need you” lines like Uncle Joe needing rain out in Oklahoma, a coast line needing a lighthouse, and the Father and the Son needing the Holy Ghost. Huh? From drugs to God in 4 lines? (BTW - if I am mistaken on my interpretation of this line please explain it to me. Please.)

Getting off the smack track, I also downloaded Trisha Yearwood’s Walkaway Joe. Talk about a melodic hook. And seeing as Garth Brooks is undownloadable and seeing as Trisha is his wife (or fiancé or girlfriend – I’ve lost track – all I know is that Garth left his wife of a bazillion years for Trisha) it sort of feels like the closest I can come to downloading Garth until he can come to some arrangement with Apple and make his music available online.

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…