Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Think Al Gore is Onto Something with This Global Warming Business

While this blog is typically a way for me to a) chronicle my fish out of water experiences as a city girl in rural NC and b) efficiently keep friends and family updated en masse as to the goings on in my life it is also c) a journal to preserve memories so that many, many years from now I can look back on the iced coffee craziness or my first visit to a biker bar with extreme fondness.

As such, a note to my future self regarding the current heat wave:

It’s HOT! I mean REALLY, REALLY HOT. Ten days of 90+° weather. It’s been over 100° the last 2 days and today was no better. The mercury topped out at 104°. We’ve had record-high highs, record-high lows (there’s something SEVERELY wrong when it’s over 70° before 7am), and this is shaping up to be the hottest August since 1900. There are Ozone warnings, water restrictions because of the draught, and no amount of defrizzer/straightening balm/leave-in conditioner/axle grease seems to be able to keep my hair under control.

On the bright side, if anyone asks why my herb garden is looking so sparse, blame it on the weather (although my garlic chives did spring back from the dead).

Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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