Friday, August 10, 2007

The Hickory Crawdads

I meant to write about the Hickory Crawdads ages ago. Marty and I attended a game on a whim back in May and had such a good time, that we bought a 6-pack of tickets to attend games throughout the summer.

“Minor league baseball. What a great thing to write about,” I thought.

I even took pictures with my cell phone to try and capture the essence of small-town-life-meets-America’s-favorite-past-time.

But then I procrastinated. And procrastinated some more. The post as I pictured it felt unwieldy and cumbersome. How to address all the subtleties and details I felt were necessary without writing a complete history of minor league baseball?

By then a week or 2 had passed and the moment was no longer fresh. “After the next game,” I promised myself. June came and went. So did July. I’ve now been to 3 or 4 more games and I still haven’t written a word.

But thanks to dad and my promise for a breezy, easy week of blogging, now I can. At our first game, Marty made the following comment with regards to Major League Baseball:

“I am sick of the egos, the attitudes, the overpriced tickets, the blowhard owners and the prima donna players.”

I suppose that’s why we find the Crawdads so much fun and so refreshing: Ego-free, attitude-free baseball. Just young kids playing for the love of the game (and a chance at ultimately becoming a prima donna) and families and friends out for a good time.

And while $10 won’t get you very far at Yankee Stadium, at L.P. Frans Stadium in Hickory it’ll buy you a front row seat behind the Crawdads dugout.

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…


Anonymous said...

... and I'm taking a date to the overpriced, egomaniacal, all for me - nothing for you, Astros game tonight.

I love minor league baseball, too.

(you forgot to mention the $7 beers at the parks of the major league teams - what a bargain)