Thursday, August 09, 2007

From Diane Von Furstenburg to Donkeys in Just Over a Year

It used to be that major acquisitions in my life centered around fashion - although, a $500 pair of Christian Louboutins are more than just a purchase and should truthfully be thought of as an investment.

But life on the farm changes all that. And while I haven’t lost my love for couture (or expensive shoes), Jimmy Choos aren’t on my mind these days. No – these days I think about things like tractors. Fencing for the paddock. Lumber for the deck. Light fixtures that need to be replaced. I am more likely to blow a bundle at Lowes than I am at Neimans.

And at the forefront of my thoughts these days? A miniature donkey. Marty and I had seriously been contemplating getting more goats. Despite all of the drama we’ve been through with the goats in the last year, we were determined to have a proper herd.

But then (and here’s where I normally go off into extreme detail about who said what when and what I thought about it but in honor of my father will get right to the point) it was suggested to us that we get a miniature donkey instead. They are apparently quite docile, graze a lot, and keep out predators such as wild dogs and coyotes. Plus – they get along with the goats.

We wanted to see one first to make sure we liked it so we paid a visit to Marty’s uncle Ken who has a miniature donkey named Millie. She’s extremely cute. We were sold. A calf is due at the breeders any week now. We are just waiting to hear whether it’s a boy or a girl – the only possible snag in whether or not we actually get it. If it’s a boy, we’ll have to pass as one testosterone fueled farm animal is all we can handle.

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…