Friday, August 24, 2007

And You Thought I Was Crazy…

I know. I know. You all think I am crazy. First the move to NC. Then blowing off the high rise in Charlotte. Then the goats. The truck. The country music. Hell – even white water rafting had some of you scratching your heads, thinking to yourself – we need to get this girl back into therapy – pronto – before she goes off the deep end and chucks it all to get up and milk the cows at 4am (a fantasy that I do actually entertain…but that’s another story).

Well – I’ll have you know that some of my more…rural proclivities as it were, are not that far off the pop culture radar screen.

Apparently, Rob & Big, 2 guys with a show on MTV (a channel that I haven’t watched in 100 years since they stopped showing music videos and started showing nothing but reality shows – and let me pause here to ask the following question: what exactly is the difference between The Hills, Laguna Beach, and Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County? Because as far as I can tell they all look the same i.e. very spoiled, very blonde, and oh sooooo real)…anyhoo, back to my original thought. Rob & Big (not to be confused with country duo Big & Rich as I have now done twice while writing) apparently bought a miniature donkey as a companion for their dog (actually, it appears it was a miniature horse, but, close enough).

So, you see, our impending purchase of Donkey (whose name we’ve now selected but will keep under wraps until we bring her home) isn’t really that country after all. I mean, if they’re doing it on MTV…

So rock on dudes!!!


Linda said...

I just bet your little donkey is just absolutely adorable!!