Saturday, August 11, 2007

An Addition to Nightlife in Lincolnton

Yet another topic I mean to write about months ago, put off, but am finally willing to tackle in light of my promise to dad for a week’s worth of single screen shot (or thereabouts) posts.

Although the Lincoln House is listed in the Lincolnton Chamber of Commerce as a restaurant (and I know they used to be a restaurant because Mansour was the chef there for many years before leaving and opening up Willow Creek Inn), I know it as a bar, an additional spot where one can experience some Lincolnton nightlife action.

This is clearly a case of looks can be deceiving. On the outside, Lincoln House looks quite quaint – a white building with black shutters (sorry – I’d love to use more architecturally descriptive words here like clapboard, Shaker style and Georgian but I don’t know my architectural ass from my elbow). So basically, it looks like a cute, little house.

But inside…that’s a whole other story

I’ll backtrack for a minute and say the first night Marty went was Christmas. He needed to get out after a weekend full of family, feedings, and more family (meanwhile I needed to collapse in an exhausted heap). Obviously, not that many people were out on Christmas Day Night (is that what you call it?) so the bar was quiet and the soft lights of the Christmas tree lights seemed to give everything a peaceful glow.

When we went back on a random Saturday night in May, the place was packed with a rather rough-looking, karaoke-blaring crowd. It gave The Bullet a run for its money, and made the crowd at Zippers seem like a bunch of kittens.

The highlight of our short-lived visit to the Lincoln House was when 2 women nearly got into a brawl in the extremely-small-and-cramped ladies room while I was waiting.

And if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your…