Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another Addendum

Once again, Marty said my previous post lacked a certain something.

"But did you see how long it is?" I implored.

"It's not that. It's just - well, it starts out great but then kind of skips over a lot of stuff towards the end and kind of fizzles out."

"Fizzles out? Should I add to it then?"

"No. It's fine. I'd just move on."

But I couldn't move on. Not when it seemed a topic had not gotten its proper due.

This is the problem when you post as infrequently as I do these days. So much stuff builds up and I start writing and then what is meant to be a simple post turns into more of a chapter (which is ok because we all know that I am writing a book and not a blog) and then about three quarters of the way through I do fizzle out and rush through some of the final details so I can get to that blessed last line and see my point.

So back to trivia. I guess I should expound on a couple of things. For one thing, if it wasn't clear, I am a total trivia geek. How much so? I study. That's right. I study for trivia.

It's not like I walk around with a deck of Trivial Pursuit cards in my purse or anything (although I have thought about it). But there's an NTN game on Friday nights called Topix which is a 30 minute game devoted to a single topic. The topics vary from the super specific - like a particular show/movie/celebrtiy to the very broad (upcoming Topix include "Cross-Dressing Characters," "Biblical Figures," and "Mythology.")

It started innocently with a Topix on Robert Altman. For some reason, I was on the NTN website one Friday and I happened to see that the 10pm Topix was on Robert Altman and so I went onto Wikipedia and printed out all the info they had on Robert Altman and prepared for the game by reading through everything. We got to Tradewinds that night and all the guys were there and I shouted out answers and we did pretty well as a bar. I liked the idea of being able to prepare for a specific topic and so I found myself checking the schedule to see what upcoming Topix were and if it was a topic I knew or thought I could study for, I would. Random Topix I prepped for included Hannah-Barbera and The Doors. The first one where I really knew the topic in advance was Grey's Anatomy. But despite intense preparations (including a study session with Maggie while in Chapel Hill) I failed to achieve a perfect score.

That came a few weeks later - quite by accident during Shrek Topix. It wasn't my category. It was Sumo's and he assured me Shrek was his Grey's Anatomy. Marty and I "studied" by watching both movies earlier in the week and of course, I went to the always helpful Wikipedia and read up on some of the background.

Sumo didn't even make it to the game but Marty, George and I played in his honor and at the end of 15 questions, I had my first ever perfect score. It was a thrill. However many years of playing trivia and finally a perfect score. Granted- you could argue that a perfect score in Topix is not as meaningful as a perfect score in general trivia - then again, how many of you have ever had a perfect score?

Well by this time, the beast was firmly unleased and when Harry Potter Topix rolled around in July (every Friday at 10pm for the entire month), I was on a mission. Having achieved my own personal glory, I wanted to go for a perfect bar score. Just to clarify, there are 2 levels of ranking. Individuals are ranked on their individual scores, while bars are ranked on the average score of the top 5 players. Which means if I wanted perfect bar score, either Marty and I could play 5 boxes or we needed to round up some folks to join us.

I am going to pause here to point out that this is the point in the process where I realize I've been going on and on in so much detail that the post will likely be unwieldy if I continue at the same level. I am tempted to rush through the last bit in order to get to the end...and well, to make a long story short...

The first Friday of Harry Potter Topix, the entire Tradewinds crew came out and while they didn't know a thing about Harry Potter, they were able-fingered and punched in answers that Marty and I shouted out and well...we had 7 perfect scores which gave us a perfect bar score and made us #1 in the country. Mission accomplished.

Anyways, as all of this was unfolding (over the course of several months), we went down the parallel path with live trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings. I mean, if we hadn't bonded over these Topix sessions at Tradewinds and going for bar score, who knows if Marty and I would have asked the guys to join us at Buffalos and who knows if they would have said yes. Anyways, we did. They did. And know the rest.

For those of you who wonder what I get from this, there are several answers. One, being the ultra-competitive girl that I am, the satisfaction of victory is always sweet - whether it's at the individual or team level. Second - at least for live trivia - there are monetary prizes. We've so far won $350. Nice to know my Duke education and subscription to People are good for something.

Now, because I need something to end this "chapter" and there's nothing remotely country about what I've written (although if you think about the fact that I used to spend my Friday nights swilling $20 martinis at the Four Seasons and now I get excited about playing trivia in Lincolnton you can certainly draw some conclusions), I'll end with this.

We think Ann-Margaret is pregnant again.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...