Saturday, June 16, 2007

Addendum: Tim Schafer's at Lake Norman

Marty read my previous post and said I didn't do Tim justice - I didn't describe the meals in enough detail.

I pointed out it's been over a year since our first dinner there and that I simply couldn't remember all the details. Marty suggested that I post about our dinner tonight instead and so I will.

We started with homemade herbed beer rolls. I know - you're thinking - beer rolls? I forgot to mention that Tim is the Brewchef - known as much for cooking with beer (finding its way into everything from bread to salads to sauces to Beerimisu) as he is for his impressive beer list (I like the lambics and the Ephemere, Marty is a fan of the Carolina Blonde). So anyways - herbed beer rolls which were delicious.

Tim always serves a tasty - a.k.a. lagniappe a.k.a amouse-bouche. Tonight we were treated to two of them. First - Thai beef sticks over corn salsa with a "beerstard" (spicy Dijon mustard flavored with lots of beer) and a mango-beer sauce. Second was a crostini with sauteed onions, balsamic and bleu cheese. I'll say this - I don't know where Tim gets his bleu cheese but it's wonderful - flavorful and rich without being too sharp.

I had a cream of asparagus soup to start while Marty indulged in a creamy shrimp bisque. Both were rich, creamy and absolutely fantastic.

For entrees, Marty had his tried and true favorite, Jambalaya. I should note, I believe Marty is addicted to Tim's Jambalaya - he orders it every time we go. Literally. In fact, he usually orders extra so he'll have enough to take home for the next day, The Jamby (as we call it) is heavenly- a savory blend of chicken, sausage, Tasso ham, shrimp and vegetabes over rice in a wonderful Creole sauce.

Tonight, I opted for a new dish - a Jamaican Jerk chicken. The chicken was topped with an orange-rum scented butter and served with a delicious fruit salsa. Very inspired.

We passed on dessert - although I saw wonderful slices of cheesecake going by - and instead climed into the truck, bellies full, and navigated the twisty, dark backroads heading home.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Linda said...

Wow!! The menu sounds heavenly!! Sounds much better than what I can find around here!!