Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falling...And Finally, What Maraschino Cherries and Mayonnaise Jars have in Common

Ok. Where have I been? It's been 11 days and I know what you're thinking - did she fall off the face off the Earth? Not exactly...

More like Marty fell off a ladder. Seriously. He fell of a ladder and broke his arm and ever since then my focus and attention have been on him. I've never broken a bone, but I'm sure some of you out there have and you can attest to how much it slows you down when you lose use of one your limbs.

Anyways - that's my excuse for why I've gone 11 days without writing. Now - onto the important things...

So, what do mayonnaise jars and maraschino cherries have in common? Simple. Purple Jesus and Can Shake.


It came about at our BBQ the other Sunday when we were talking about cruising (don't ask). Nowadays, cruising through downtown Lincolnton is discouraged - primarily by a 20 mph speed limit and traffic lights on every corner which are completely out of sync. Still, in the old days you could come to Lincolnton and cruise up and down Main Street and around Courthouse Square.

Our friend Steve was reminiscing about his cruising days. After cruising, everyone would pull into It's to drink. Have I written about It's? It's is a drive-in restuarant - like a Sonic or Chuckwagon. Anyways, they'd pull into It's for Purple Jesus and Can Shake. So - what are they?

Purple Jesus is grape juice with lemon and cherries. Can Shake seems to be open to a bit more interpretation but from what I can tell it's Sundrop, Cheerwine (or any cherry soda), cherries and lemons and/or oranges. Both are served in emptied, cleaned out mayonnaise jars. Preferably from Duke's and preferably glass.

Aside from being oddly named, they are both what's known as a set-up i.e. essentially something you can add your liquor to. Or rather, to which you can add your liquor.

So you go cruising around town with your bottle of Smirnoff or Wild Turkey or whatever and then pull into It's and get a set-up and well - you know the rest...

...and if that ain't (long, overdue) country, I'll kiss your...