Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pause for Promotion

I'm taking a break from another quirky and endearing If That Ain't County tale to do a little promotion for some of the men in my life.

Paris Keeling is officially on iTunes so if you haven't purchased the CD directly from the band's website, you can now download it straight to your iPod. Check back at the PK website soon for a full PK store including apparel and other CDs from the band members.

Lomax and Biggs are back! Dad's second book Bloodthirsty is being released on May 1st and it features the awesome detective duo introduced in last years debut sensation, Rabbit Factory. Speaking of Rabbit Factory, it is now available in paperback. Both books make for an excellent beach read (or poolside read or plane ride read or Saturday morning over coffee read...). You get the point.

Also, check out the Lomax and Biggs website for an upcoming schedule of author appearances.

Ok. Enough pimping.

Next time, find out what mayonnaise jars and maraschino cherries have in common.

And if that ain't country, i'll kiss your...