Sunday, April 08, 2007

Meet the Newest Addition of Our Family

It was hard to take a lot of photos - didn't want to disturb mother or baby. But here are 2 photos of the cutie at less than 24 hours old:

Expect more in the days to come.

No idea if it's a boy or a girl - we don't want to pick it up and check yet because it's important not to disturb the mother/baby bond. Plus - some new mothers will reject their babies if there's a strange scent on them and we don't want to take the risk. Still debating about names - Marty is leaning towards Nugget (after the Golden Nugget) and I am leaning towards Sammy (after Sammy Davis Jr.).

I will see it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. So tiny. So new. Figuring out how to nurse, how to walk. Ann-Margaret seems more mature now that she's a mother. Maybe she's just exhausted from giving birth but I swear she's mellowed. Nature really does amaze me.

In the meantime, poor Elvis. He is so lonely without Ann-Margaret because she and the baby are holed up in a stall resting/bonding. He's wandering around without a playmate for the first time in months and my heart goes out to him. We are already talking about increasing the herd with another female and a neutered male so he's not lonely and so we develop more of a herd dynamic.

Expect a lot more goat updates in the days to come.

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