Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looks Like I Made It

I am not one of those people to complain about the early advent of Daylight Savings Time. I have heard them on NPR, read their quirky and offbeat musings online and in newspapers (including our own Lincoln Times News) - people who bemoan losing an hour of sleep, the incredible impudence with which man has decided to manipulate time, vampiresque nocturnes who prefer the long, dark nights. Nonsense. That's what I say to them. Utter nonsense.

I am celebrating the early arrival of DST for it means one thing: I am no longer driving home in the dark! My days (or nights) of nighttime driving have come to an end - at least until fall...

And while I don't like leaving my house in the dark in the morning, I do so knowing full well that I am heading towards the light (literally - I am driving East) and the darkness will quickly fade away.

I don't know if that's country, but I'll still kiss your...