Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Chicken Wars: Part II

Bo-what? Colonel who? There's a new player in the chicken wars and it's kicking ass.

Price's Chicken Coop in Charlotte - is nearly that: a coop. Located in a non-descript building, on a non-descript block, in a neighborhood that was probably once sketchy but thanks to some new, hip apartment complexes and a handful of quirky and offbeat shops is now merely edgy, Price's is a Charlotte institution.

There is no place to dine at Price's - it is strictly to go. If you want to place a to go order, call before they open at 10am (they start answering the phone at 7am) otherwise it's harder to get through than to a reservationist at Joel Rubochon or Per Se.

Beware the decor - or lack thereof. White walls, white counter, no photos, no flowers - it feels very institutional. In fact, I thought I was walking into a butcher shop at first - a notion enhanced by the servers' uniform of white jackets - the type usually favored by butchers (and lab techs).

But don't let the decor or perpetually busy phone deter you. The chicken at Price's is delicious. Cripsy skin without too much batter. Juicy, moist meat. An all around victor in the chicken wars.

But even better than the chicken were the hushpuppies. As the scent of chicken fat, grease and fried cornmeal overpowered me in the car ride home, I could resist no more and shoved my hand into the first box I could reach. Out came a cripsy, golden brown hushpuppy the size of a meatball (and I got 2 orders?). Ohhhhhh....heavenly. Delicious. It was all I could do to devour the entire box.


Sorry folks. Once again, the chicken wars will have to wait.

As I write this post I am watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader simply because it came on after American Idol and Grey's Anatomy is a repeat. I actually think the premise is quite brilliant. The things we learn in elementary school text books are hardly relevant to the things we do in grown-up life - unless of course we teach elementary school.

I won't go into details, but essentially contestants have to answer 11 grade school questions in order to win $1mm. So far, I've heard 5 questions. The contestant, Larry, has gotten help from his 5th grade "classmates" on 3 of them. He's now reached a $25,000 threshold which means the money is his to keep. I have a hard time with this seeing as he relied on a bunch of 10 year olds to help him win it.

At one point, host Jeff Foxworthy asked Larry what he would do with a million dollars? Larry said he's always wanted a Lambourghini - which he would custom paint camouflage (prompting Jeff to make a redneck quip). My suggestion? GET A DEGREE.

Sorry. Stupidity irks me.


So hushpuppies. Yeah. 'Nuff said.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...