Thursday, February 01, 2007

Closing Down Lowes

There was a time when Marty and I were known to close down restaurants and bars. Particularly when we knew the owners, you could count on us to linger over that last glass of wine or grand marnier, well into the wee hours.

Well, last night we closed down Lowes. And no - Lowes is not the newest hotspot in Lincolnton. I am talking about Lowes - the home improvement, do-it-yourself mecca.

We have officially started construction on the upstairs loft, adding walls to make a proper guest room with a closet and a separate sitting area as well as adding a second bathroom.

Marty and Boyce put the outer wall up yesterday (one day, one wall - I'd like to see any NY contractor do that!). The next one goes up today. And in the meantime, we need to stage the various bathroom items (shower, sink, commode) so that the plumber can run "rough plumbing" - whatever that means.

So it was at 8:15pm that Marty and I found ourseleves en route to Lowes to pick out a sink and a toilet. Apparently, Marty picked the shower out on his own but felt like my input was necessary on the other two items. It took us near 45 minutes to make tour decisions and so at 9pm, we officially closed down the Lincolnton Lowes.

And of that ain't country, I'll kiss your...

p.s. We caught a late dinner at Court Street Grill afterwards and closed them down too (at 10pm of course...)