Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Chicken Wars

I think I have lived in North Carolina (or perhaps Lincolnton) too long. The sign? I have become something of a Bojangles junkie.

It started out (as most things do) innocently enough. But the attraction the new Bojangles seemed to draw was overwhelming. It was crowded. Constantly. I developed a growing obsession with the number of cars in the Bojangles drive-thru line at any given moment in time. And then one day, I found myself in that line. And I discovered that the skinless, roasted chicken at Bojangles is good. Really good. And seeing as I could eat chicken 3 times a day, 7 days a week (yes - I mean breakfast), I found myself craving Bojangles pretty much all the time.

I always like to play a little game when I go to Bojangles. It's called: How Many Cars Are in the Drive-Thru Line Already and How Many More Will Turn in Before I Do?

Usually there's at least 3 cars in the line at any given time. And usually at least 2 will pull in before I can make the turn. I am simply talking about the drive-thru here and not the actual restaurant, which, judging from the parking lot, is constantly packed.

But there's a new kid in town. Bojangles has some competition. KFC has opened up a brand, shiny new outpost catty corner from the Big B. Exit off of 321 - turn left for Bojangles, right for KFC. Who says Lincolnton doesn't offer variety?

The KFC just opened within the last few days. There are signs advertising an all-you-can eat buffet which I don't think Bojangles offers. And the KFC appears to be 2 stories tall - while I still haven't been able to determine if Bojangles offers a second floor dining area (if they do, there are no windows).

Driving by both restaurants last night, I can assure you that most of Lincolnton was eating chicken - somewhere. We passed KFC first. The parking lot was full and I saw numerous folks heading that way for a bucket of the Colonel's best. I wondered if Bojangles would see a dip in Friday night sales now that they had some serious competition. But no worries for the lucky owner of this bustling franchise. I counted upwards of 10 cars in the drive-thru line at Bojangles and the parking lot was, as per usual, packed. I guess Friday night in Lincolnton is fried chicken night.

I am thinking a blind taste test is in order. But I'll save that for a future post.

Now if you'll excuse me, all this talk about chicken has got me hungry. I need to go get me a chicken biscuit for breakfast.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...


Anonymous said...

Are we adding a trip to Bojangles to the 'Peterman Tour Part II' next weekend? I can always find room for chicken of some sort.

I'm glad you added the anon feature for replies since I have since forgotten my username/password - but I think you know who I am.

- R

Country Girl said...

Oh...Bojangles is definitely on the tour!