Monday, January 22, 2007

35 Baptist Churches and Counting

I was recently inspired to finally take the leap and get involved in the local community. This is something I have meant to do for some time - figuring that it would be easy to have a significant impact in such a small community. And yet my life - the goats, the driving, the hedge fund, the blog - it has all felt like so much, like there is no room, like if I take on one more thing I will explode. But I finally got the inspiration I needed.

The inspiration came from a woman who I will call Kay and whom I met under rather unorthodox circumstances.

Marty & I were having dinner with Mansour at Willow Creek Inn a few weeks ago and Mansour mentioned that a woman who had eaten dinner there recently had discovered the restuarant through If That Ain't Country. Yes that's right - MY BLOG!!!

To top off the thrill of having a reader who wasn't related to me by blood or a close friend, she had sent Mansour the loveliest handwritten note complimenting him on the restaurant and discussing her goals to bring culture and sophistication (such as can be found at Willow Creek Inn) to Lincoln County.

I was floored.

Another smart, sophisticated woman with good taste and appreciation for the fine things living in Lincoln County? And reading MY BLOG? I couldn't believe it. So Mansour gave me her card and I called her.

When Kay and I first spoke, we clicked instantly. What was meant to be a brief introductory "let's meet" conversation lasted well over 20 minutes as we both kept chiming in with things to add.

We met a week later over a glass of wine at Court Street Grill in Lincolnton.

As it turns out, Kay did not discover Willow Creek Inn through my blog. She had seen the ad in the Lincoln Times and had searched online for more information which led her to comments I had posted on If That Ain't Country. (if I were more technically inclined and less tired, I would have turned that last sentence into a link to the actual comments. But I am neither so you'll have to search the archives. I think I first wrote about Willow Creek Inn in August.)

Kay and I spent over 2 hours talking. The short of it is that even though she moved to the Lincolnton area only a year ago, she is way involved in the community, knows who is who, what is what, and how to get involved.

I'll save the complete Lincolnton 411 for another post, but I did subscribe to the Lincoln Times. I figured, the first step towards getting involved in the community was knowing what was going on.

As I sat in my hotel in Greensboro (another point in the blog where I should have a link but don't have the mental wherewithal to execute one) reading the paper, I stumbled on a most interesting advertisement: Worship With Us This Sunday - Church Directory.

A simple printed page. Black and white text. And a long list of churches. 35 Baptist churches to be exact. 12 Methodist churches. 11 Lutheran churches. 4 Interdenominational. 3 for the Church of God. 2 churches each for the Pentecostals, the Presbyterians, and the United Church of Christ. Also represented on the page with a single church each: AME Zion, Episcopal, Nazarene, Roman-Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, the Christian Church Disciples of Christ and Wesleyan.

78 churches total listed in Lincoln County. And no synagogues.

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...