Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome to the Country

There are plenty of animal indicators that we live in the country. Ants in the kitchen. Deer in the yard. Rabbits hopping through the pasture. Birds in the trees outside my window. Spiders just about everywhere.

I have learned to tolerate (or at least ignore) these creatures and accept them as part of life on the farm. But my tolerance was challenged today with a new visitor.

I knew something was wrong when I saw trash strewn across the back steps this morning. We usually have a few bags accumulated as there is no trash pick-up in Lincolnton, and Marty and I don't make it to the dump every day. The bags are generally piled in a large trash can next to the back steps, however the can is lidless. While the trash situation has never been a problem, I have had my concerns that one day the scent of our rotting garbage would attract some sort of undesireable creature. I did try to buy a lid when we first arrived, but it seems that trash cans and their lids are sold as one.

I had a feeling that Saturday night's trash - which included the remanents of our delicious grilled cornish game hen dinner - would attract a wild creature. Something about the carcasses and the unused bags of innards made me particularly prescient. So much so that I double bagged it.

It seems my instincts were rights. While this morning the bag of trash was still resting in the can where I had placed it Saturday night, both bags had been torn open and a mess of soggy paper towels and game hen bones littered the back steps. More frustrated than anything, I cleaned everything up and triple-bagged the whole lot in a giant black trash bag.

It didn't occur to me to worry about who or what had been in the trash. In fact, in my mind I wrote the whole thing off as a one-time incident.

So I wasn't expecting to come home tonight and see the same pile of paper towels and game hen bones strewn across the back steps. Twice in one day?

As it turns out, Marty caught sight of the responsible party - and it stinks about as much our trash.

Oui, oui madames et messieurs. Pepe Le Pew has decided to visit Paris, NC.

The ironic thing is that late Saturday afternoon we were talking with Carl and his friend Digger and the conversation turned to skunks, raccoons, rabies and roadkill. 24 hours later I've got a skunk rummaging through my trash.

If that ain't country, I'll kiss your...