Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Miscellaneous Thoughts

No longer a shortage of things to write - just a shortage of time in which to write them. I probably have close to 10 topics to muse on - including a long overdue on post on salads (although most of you have probably heard the verbal version at this point) and some thoughts on the high school football game we attended last weekend.

Still, a few timely things to comment on.


For those who were concerned about my Shaggy Girl status, I received a much-needed haircut over the weekend while in NY. And I will say, it was well worth the wait because the cut was exactly what I wanted.

For those of you who are wondering why I waited 8 months for a cut (ok - I did get a cut in June in NC - but it didn't really count, it was more of a trim), I had 2+ inches lopped off and that sort of dramatic change requires a certain level of trust.

In a perfect blogging world, I would have had Before and After pictures to illustrate my Shaggy to Chic status, but as I was taught long ago, the world is not perfect...


Yesterday was Yom Kippur, and I broke the fast with a bag of Black Pepper jack Doritos while standing in the check out line at Fred's discount store in Lincolnton (although I did say the Motzeh under my breath before biting into the first chip).

And if that aint' county, I'll kiss your...