Monday, September 11, 2006

The City Girl Lives

So 4 days in New York City prove that this Country Girl still has a little City Girl left in her.

From $16 glasses of wine at the Carlyle to hitting the honey pot on the 6th floor of Barney's to being followed briefly by a potially crazy homeless man in the Ramble in Central Park, my time in NYC felt...quintessential.

The trip was a whirlwind of meetings (work), family, friends, shopping (I solved my "I haven't been able to find a belt in 6 weeks" belt crisis by buying 4 in less than 60 minutes - truly a rush) and dining out - including 2 much needed Italian dinners.

For those who were wondering, I did decide to wear the Mark Eisen for Wal-Mart suit on Thursday and while we didn't dine at Nobu 57 (my flight was delayed by 2 hours and we wound up at Estiatorio Milos instead), I did get a compliment after lunch on the Prada Mary Janes and how well they went with the suit. I took it as an indirect compliment on the suit and validation (in a weird way) of my choice to go discount.
Of course, my excursion to Barney's got me back in touch with my inner power shopper and I don't see myself shopping at Wal-Mart again any time soon (well - for clothes anyways).

I'd say my only stumble the entire trip was a slight hesitation when jaywalking across Broadway - perhaps a sign that the City Girl had lost a ittle bit of her City Girl edge.

Of course, you haven't seen me cross Broadway in the pickup...

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...