Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Been Pretty Quiet...

It's been pretty quiet hence the lack of posts (actually - last Wednesday night at Tradewinds was pretty interesting but it's a night I'd rather forget which is why I didn't write about it).

Of course, there is always news about the goats.

I have been worried about Ann-Margaret. She is looking a little pot-bellied which is never a good sign.

I had planned on bringing her out to the vet with me on Saturday when I went to pick up Claudette's ashes, but then I pictured her crying as soon as I picked her up, seperated her from Elvis, and put her in the carrier. And crying for the 45 minute drive with the carrier strapped in the bed of the pick-up. And crying when the doctor poked and prodded her. And crying for ride home. And after all the trust we've built over the last few days, I couldn't stand the thought of her hating me.

In truth, it's much how I feel about bringing Sebastian to the vet (which is why I never really bring him).

By the same token, I instinctively knew she wasn't 100% healthy.

So at 8am Saturday I called Dr. Severt who understood my dilemna and suggested I simply bring a stool sample of both goats for analysis. That could tell him a lot.

I spent Saturday morning on Poo Patrol. That translates to me hanging out with the goats for an hour or so, keeping them close to the fence line with the occasional handful of Goat Chow and mentally willing them to poo.

I got the necessary samples and drove out to Cornelius where analysis showed that both goats were still infected with worms despite a double dose of dewormer. In addition, little Ann-Margaret has another parasite which can contribute to anemia and overall digestive issues.

I left Cornelius not only with Claudette's ashes but with multiple syringes of dewormer and antibotics.

My task? Elvis and Ann-Margaret both required another dose of dewormer immediately and yet another dose (their 4th) in 2 weeks. Additionally, little Ann-Margaret requires an oral antibiotic twice a day for seven days.

Are you kidding me? This is not what I signed up for and I thought Marty would lose it when our "alternatives to a tractor" turned out to require so much work.

As it turns out, things have so far been manageable. It is quite easy to lure Ann-Margaret and Elvis to my side with a dish of Goat Chow. She is small and slow enough that I can grab her when she gets close and get the meds in with little problem. I couldn't catch Elvis so we just squirted it onto some Goat Chow (the answer to everything) and he gobbled it up.

I am determined to save these 2 goats no matter what. I know I failed the Nanny with my ignorance and to some degree, I feel like I failed Claudette even though we did everything possible to save her.

So, just consider me a hedge fund marketing queen by day, and farm girl at night (and early in the morning).

And if that ain't country, I'll kiss your...