Saturday, July 15, 2006

Diary of a Country Girl

6:45am Wake up. Spend a few minutes playing with Sebastian.

7:05am Finish downloading old country songs from iTunes. Now the songs that I love listening to on cassette are updated on my iPod.

7:10am Head out to watch the goats graze along the fenceline. But as soon as Elvis spots me, he goes galloping off to the middle of the pasture. He sends a warning bleat to Ann-Margaret (whose head is literally buried in the grass) and she runs off to join him.

7:12am Ponder goat psychology. Wonder if Elvis was abused or tortured before we got him since he seems so afraid/wary of us and we've done nothing but give him a wide open pasture to graze in and lots of love. Realize it's too early for goat psychology.

7:45 Hop into the Volvo and head out to Cornelius to visit with Claudette.

8:40am Arrive at the North Mecklenburg Animal Hospital Large Animal Practice. Walk into the office and see Claudette on a towel, wrapped in a blanket, with a pile of grass and leaves for her to nibble on and a small water dish at her head. She seems so domestic, she might as well be a house cat.

8:40 - 10:00am Spend well over an hour sitting outside on a grassy knoll with Claudette. I scratch her ears and her neck and her back. I massage her bony little legs. I try to feed her some grass but she seems uninterested. When I pick her up she nuzzles my neck.

It becomes clear to me after witnessing her care first hand, that Marty and I could absolutely bring her home and care for her here. I mean, if people can keep large dogs in small New York apartments, why can't we keep a small goat in a large farmhouse?

I still believe that she will learn to walk again, but I think after all of the trauma she's been through (ticks, worms, polio, a dead mother)it will take time.

Plus, Claudette seems lonley. I think she'd like being back with her sister and Elvis.

(p.s. Doesn't she look adorable?)

11:15am Meet up with Marty and Richie back at the house. The 3 of us climb into the pick-up and head out to Southern States, the farm supply store in Waco, NC.

11:45am Make first of goat-related purchases for the day: a small feeding trough that hooks onto the side of the fence, a larger hook-on trough for water, a salt mineral block and a bale of straw.

12:15pm Stop in the Shake Shop in Cherryville for the world's best cheeseburger. Sadly, the Shake Shop no longer serves shakes so I have to settle for a Diet Sun Drop.

1:00pm Stop in the hardware store in Cherryville where a boy who's as country as grandma's chicken dinner sells us a 50lb bag of feed and a large bin to store it in. Discover that in addition to Puppy Chow and Kitty Chow, Purina makes Goat Chow, Pig Chow, Rabbit Chow, Pigeon Chow. Only the best brand names for our goats.

1:25pm Get back to the house and eagerly set up the goat's new troughs. They are far out in the pasture and don't come over, but Richie assures me they will smell the feed and the salt block. I feel skeptical that they'll figure it out on their own, but thn again, they are goats. They seem to have gotten this far without much guidance.

2:00pm Hop into the pick-up and head to the grocery store.

2:30pm Hop into the pick-up yet again and head to the dump.

2:50 Get back home and post.

Still on the agenda? Clean out the stall in the barn and lay down the fresh straw so the goats have a comfy place to sleep.

And then it's off to Charlotte for a Def Leppard/Journey concert.

Because even a country girl's got to get in touch with her inner rocker.

So rock on...